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Imagine a place, where you want your lifetime story to evolve, a place where you want to see your children grow up, surrounded by a loving family, friends, good education and plenty of recreational activities.

A place, where you can find your vocation, where you have the chance to fulfil your dreams and live out the entrepreneur inside of you with unlimited opportunities.

A place full of inspiring individuals, a melting pot of generations and cultures, a place full of stories, a place like Fumba Town, where your story begins.

Join us, tell your story and start afresh in a thoughtfully designed state of the art home, based on a sustainable infrastructure and placed in a master plan of a wholesome community which is the foundation of our daily life in Fumba Town.

Be part of Zanzibar’s vibrant future and live a conscious life in harmony with the lush environment of our home island.

This unique development in Zanzibar allows anyone to get a full title 99 years for the property purchased. Contact us and get your own home in Zanzibar starting at USD 45,900 only.

Welcome to Fumba Town!