2017 Golf Day

November 4th 2017 brought Monsoon rains, but Rotarians and players alike were determined not to be deterred and carried on like champions for the benefit of 1000’s of Zanzibari students!

For the second year running, the Rotary Club of Zanzibar, Stone Town and Fumba Town Development hosted a premier golf competition at Sea Cliff Resort & Spa this time in aid of Zanzibar Learning for Life Foundation.

In 2016, the Golf event raised $16’500 for Makunduchi Hospital – and this has now been increased to a total of $80,00 through pledges received from the Rotary Foundation. For 2017 our aim was to go one better!

The Rotary Club of Zanzibar with the support of Fumba Town Development and a wide range of other sponsors (and of course the golf players themselves) did magnificently. There were far more players (many of them returning competitors), from more countries, who enjoyed the refreshments and entertaining on the course, the Luxury Gift bags and expanded prizes awarded during the “19th Hole Dinner & Dance”. But most importantly even more money was raised for their elected NGO, Zanzibar Learning 4 Life Foundation (ZL4LF).

On the day, despite the short rains turning into ‘monsoon- like’ storms, the competitors showed their colours by playing through the rain in good spirits, knowing that their every shot was for an excellent cause.

By doing so they proved to be the real heroes of this fundraiser. Throughout the day we heard:

“We did it for charity” “We did it for the kids” “We did it for Rotary”

In just two years, this competition has made its mark on the golfing communities of Tanzania and East Africa and raised well over $32’000 for charity. The Rotary Club of Zanzibar, Stone Town will once again use the funds raised to apply for a Global Grant with other international Rotary Clubs to treble or quadruple the amount of money available to this year’s chosen charity, Zanzibar Learning 4 Life Foundation. By augmenting the money raised through this process, the Rotary Foundation brings a far more significant benefit to the people of Zanzibar.

The success of the day is thanks to the sponsors who gave so generously. The Rotary Club of Zanzibar is very grateful for all their contributions and faith in our Club – without their loyal support and commitment, the event would not have been possible.


2017 Beneficiary - Zanzibar Learning for Life Foundation


This years’ beneficiary will be the Zanzibar Learning 4 Life Foundation (formerly known to many of you as PLCI, the Prospective Learning & Charitable Institute), an excellent Zanzibari educational NGO that has assisted thousands of students through extra curriculum support and tutoring. Given that they teach multiple classes and their attendance is soaring, their current premises are too small and inadequate and they are in desperate need of expansion, teaching equipment and support. You can learn more about them on their website www.zanzibarl4lf.ninja or on their Facebook page.

Zanzibar Learning 4 Life Foundation was founded in 2006 by Gasica (Shafii Mwita Haji), an inspirational young Zanzibari man. The school focuses on English language skills to improve the chances of success in school examinations and job opportunities. There are currently 250 students taking courses in a building, transformed into a learning center through funding by the local community and partner organizations. Classes take place both outside and inside. It is also a home for orphans and young homeless individuals. ZL4LF engages with people around the world who share the vision of improving life skills and realizing potential. Inspired by models of sustainable education, partner organizations helped ZL4LF set up small businesses that are operating successfully. They are run by students and give them practical experience, training and an opportunity to learn more about leadership, management and finance. These businesses also provide vocational training and help prepare students to find jobs or set up their own enterprises. Graduates have the confidence to set up their own businesses and micro-finance loans help translate dreams into reality. The Rotary Club of Zanzibar is raising funds that will go towards a new school to help run the life skills programs of ZL4LF. The new school will have more space and facilities to accommodate more students. Funds raised on the Golf Day this year will be used to support the teachers, students and future of ZL4LF.